• Stella Fauvelle

    Stella, a resident at The Lodge That Gives, shares her experience and memories of the friends she made along the way.

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  • Avril Young

    Avril, a recreation volunteer at The Sobey Cancer Support Centre, talks about her time connecting with residents and the moments they share together.

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  • Gabrielle Gietzen

    Gabrielle is a Reiki practitioner who volunteers at The Sobey Cancer Support Centre to provide healing touch sessions for residents.

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  • Centre Photos

    Have a look at our beautiful new bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, programming rooms, common areas and Day Respite room.

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  • Program Schedule

    Check out our Monthly Schedule of Events

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The Sobey Cancer Support Centre

The Sobey Cancer Support Centre is a place of reflection, support and empowerment for cancer patients. The Centre includes The Dr Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives, The Programming and Wellness Area and the offices of the Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Sobey Cancer Support Centre is Nova Scotia’s most comprehensive cancer support facility, offering not only lodging and meals but also programs and services to meet the needs of people living with cancer and their companions. 

The Dr Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives is comprised of two floors of accommodations in addition to the main floor. The Lodge can welcome up to 62 guests per night, and includes shared laundry and linen rooms, and a TV/sitting area, a full service kitchen, beautiful deck area and comfortable sitting rooms. 

The Programming and Wellness Area includes Reiki/massage, yoga, exercise room, space for reading or meditation, and a multi-purpose room for games and meetings.


Lodge Exterior

News & Events

The First Lodge Bingo Extravaganza

On Wednesday, December 7, we held our first ‘Bingo Extravaganza at the Lodge’!  We were honoured when nine staff members from McInnes Cooper hosted a Christmas themed bingo night. Our multipurpose room was packed with residents and they had a fantastic time. It was a huge hit! What is a
Lodge Exterior

Sobey Cancer Support Centre Launch Photos

The Canadian Cancer Society officially opened The Sobey Cancer Support Centre on September 22 with a ribbon cutting, a donor reception, tours of the expanded facility and a plaque dedication to Marsha Sobey, Campaign Cabinet Chair.  Click on the below image to see some photos from this amazing event.
Scsc Building

The Sobey Cancer Support Centre Welcomes “Deb’s Restorative Yoga”

The Programming and Wellness Area in the Sobey Cancer Support Centre offers compassionate care services and programs to help Lodge residents maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle during their stay. We are pleased to welcome Deb’s Restorative Yoga Class. Yoga helps residents practice ways of letting go, and being in supported stillness and comfort. While some restorative yoga poses are beneficial to the entire body, others target specific parts of the body, such as the heart or lungs. Moving slowly through the poses allows one to explore mind and body at a steady and natural tempo. This class uses props and

Donate to The Sobey Cancer Support Centre

The Sobey Cancer Support Centre is Nova Scotia’s most comprehensive cancer support facility. Each and every donor dollar has made the Sobey Cancer Support Centre possible. 

Find out how you can support The Sobey Cancer Support Centre.